Daily Range Fees

Open to the public, Shoot all day for one low fee!

Ladies Shoot FREE all Day Mondays with ammo purchase.

10% off range fee and accessories (excluding ammunition) for Military and Local Law Enforcemet


Handguns and Handgun Caliber Rifles using only your own ammo:   $15.00 per person/ per visit.

Handgun and Handgun Caliber Rifles with a minimum purchase of $10 of ammo:  $10.00 per person/per visit

Shotgun Shooters-  $20.00 perperson/per visit with your ammo - no slugs, no steel shot 

                             $15.00 per person/ per visit with our ammo

Rifles: nothing larger than 30-30 sight in lane only sitting shooters slow rate of fire call ahead for availability only open select times  $20/ hour per shooter 


Prepaid Range Use Cards - Prepay for range time and save!! Works much like a membership but it is valid for 1 year and can be shared with friends and family. In addition to covering your range fee it also allows you $5 off a box of ammo with each punch on your card. 

Buy 6 visits to the range for $75 that’s $5 off 6 boxes of ammo and the 6th visit is FREE.

Buy 12 visits for now on sale for $135  stock up and save get 3 visits FREE! and get  $5 off a box of ammo with every punch up to 12 boxes.

The $5 off ammo is one box per punch on each visit.

Safety Equipment

Full Ear Muff type Ear protection is Required:  rental $2.00

Eye Protection: rental $1.50

Firearm Rental

Must use our ammo no exceptions. 

Handguns and Small Caliber Rifles:  $10.00 rental fee

full auto $20.00 rental fee

see rental packages for more detailed pricing. 


$1.00 Multi-bulls, Full size silhoettes, Fun targets

$2.00 Full size Full Color Zombies and Bin Laden

All outside targets must be approved by Firing Line Staff